DocSolid Announces Paper2Digital Mobile Apps at #ILTACON

DocSolid, the leader in enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions for the legal market, today announces the first in its upcoming line of Paper2Digital (P2D) mobile apps: Mobile P2D Retrieve and Mobile P2D QC (Quality Control). Mobile P2D QC and Mobile P2D Retrieve enable attorneys and staff working with paper documents to connect to digital workflows easily, using their mobile phones. Closing the paper-digital gap reduces the costs and risks of paper records and drives adoption of the electronic document management system (DMS). DocSolid will be demonstrating the mobile apps at ILTACON, booth #429, held Aug. 13-17 at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.
Mobile P2D Retrieve enables a user’s cell phone to read a bar code placed on the paper by one of DocSolid’s systems and retrieve the corresponding electronic file from the DMS. This means an attorney with a paper document in hand can quickly retrieve the electronic version without initiating a DMS based search.
Mobile P2D QC employs users cell phones to read a bar code placed on the paper by one of DocSolid’s systems and determines the document’s status so that paper can be shredded or otherwise managed physically after its use. The software session closes by logging the disposition for that paper document, thereby completing its paper to digital lifecycle and establishing an auditable chain of custody.
“Paper moves around, so our applications need to go where the paper goes,” said Steve Irons, CEO of DocSolid. “These mobile apps represent practical, simple and mobile ways to close the gap between paper and digital behaviors, driving better adoption of the DMS by bringing the competing paper environment under control. The Paper2Digital planet we’re building drives paper out of the process by enabling connected, digital behaviors in a legal operation.”
Many attorneys still work with paper documents, which tend to move around in unmanaged ways compared to electronic documents in a DMS. And as attorneys’ workflow increasingly becomes mobile, this paper needs to link to the corresponding electronic version, and it needs to come under information governance controls.
KwikTag Legal, DocSolid’s enterprise DMS scanning solution, and Postmark, for legal printout management, establish a Paper2Digital software infrastructure for a legal operation. DocSolid’s mobile apps now use the bar coded paper from these patented solutions to make attorneys more productive, and to drive the paper to a shredder after its use.
Mobile P2D Quality Control and Retrieve applications will be available to all DocSolid users of Postmark and KwikTag Legal systems in Q1 of 2018, and will be shown at this year’s ILTACON at booth #429.
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DocSolid creates, sells and supports Paper2Digital® scanning, workflow, paper reduction and consulting solutions for the legal market. These patented solutions are enterprise-level implementations that streamline paper-burdened business activities and integrate with line-of-business software. DocSolid integrates with leading legal industry solutions, including iManage, NetDocuments, OpenText eDOCS, Worldox, Prolaw, Thomson Elite, Aderant, LegalKey and Chrome River. DocSolid represents the industry’s most experienced team of capture experts and serves thousands of worldwide users. Advancing simple, productive ways for clients to do more with less paper™, DocSolid powers The Paper2Digital Law Firm. More information about DocSolid, including solution demos, is available at
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