APAC News: BigHand secure deals for metadata scrub software from two Australian law firms

BigHand are excited to announce two leading law firms, Lander & Rogers and Lipman Karas have selected BigHand Scrub to manage metadata across their respective organisations.
With metadata management and “metadata risk” being a key topic of discussion across all professional service organisations, both organisations join many leading firms in Australia who are relying on software to ensure that documents shared outside the organisation are clean, secure and confidential.
Brooke Hall-Carney, Partner at Lipman Karas commented “We completed a range of testing to ensure the solution not only worked in our environment here in Australia but globally across our Hong Kong and London offices with our current platforms. This extra level of metadata management enables our firm to be consistent in approach when sending documents outside of the firm, ensure compliance and address pain points in litigation of shared content across Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and even zipped files.”
Sam Sofianos, CIO Lander & Rogers Lawyers commented “For all CIOs it is key to provide simple solutions within our firms that enable our users to securely manage the metadata within our firm.” Sam went on to say “The simplicity of the solution and the advanced nature of BigHand Scrub going beyond the basic metadata management in core platforms will save our support teams hours in a solution that is robust for metadata management”
Anthony Bleasdale, Managing Director of Asia-Pacific for BigHand added “Our BigHand Produce products have continued to grow in firms this year, not only with our template management tool,BigHand Create but continued focus on styles through BigHand Hyperstyles” Bleasdale went on to comment “The decision by both firms is in alignment to the growing focus on secure document metadata management in a simple workflow and on a secure platform End users want easy, simple solutions that provide security and remove risk. With our local experts we are able to provide leading support, consultancy and guidance on how to achieve the most with these platforms and have firms utilising the product in less than a day.”
BigHand Scrub is the premier enterprise metadata removal and management solution.  With BigHand Scrub, organisations can automate the removal of all metadata, or configure varying levels of metadata management.  This means both organisations are protected from unwitting confidentiality breaches and the associated business impact – to find out more click here, or for more information on BigHand Scrub and how it can help clicking here