Startup Corner: INTELLLEX in focus

Applying machine learning to solve some of the problems of knowledge management, Singapore founded startup INTELLLEX is an online workspace for lawyers to conduct legal research, with its intelligent search engine handling unstructured and semi-structured data and giving lawyers the ability to curate, amalgamate and index legal data from disparate sources.

How would you describe your company to a friend?

INTELLLEX builds an online workspace for lawyers to do legal research and knowledge management. Law firms can build up their own knowledge library that includes any previous work done and locate them faster with a search engine with their proprietary A.I. engine which understands legal concepts.

And if you had to describe it to a techy?

INTELLLEX builds an online workspace for lawyers to do legal research and knowledge management. The system we have built is adept at handling both unstructured and semi-structured data, which gives us the flexibility to curate, amalgamate and index legal data from disparate sources, much like a human lawyer would in the course of his research. By leveraging machine learning and natural language processing, the knowledge is then coded into a proprietary search algorithm which powers the search and KM functions in the system.

When were you founded?


By who?

Chang Zi Qian, Co-Founder & CEO and Li Jianxin, Co-Founder & Products & Operations.

Who are your key managers/senior execs?

Chang Zi Qian (Ex Rajah and Tann) – Law

Li Jianxin (Ex-Scout Force) – Operations and Product

Edmund Koh (Ex WongPartnership) – Law

Felicia Ng (Ex-Prime Minister’s Office, Singapore) – HR, external relations and marketing

Adhyan Arizki (Ex-Merrill Lynch) – Tech

Sim Yan Chuan (PHD Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon) – Data Science

Ellery Jeremiah Sutanto (Ex-JP Morgan) – Business Development

What is your growth strategy?

Law firms are moving towards the digitisation of knowledge. INTELLLEX will capture opportunities by developing tech tools to help law firms across different jurisdictions transit smoothly. We have local partners in different jurisdictions and we hope to leverage these relationships for customer leads. We also plan to engage lawyer associations and alliances to further our expansion plans.

Who are your target clients?

Law firms, Barrister Chambers, MNC In-house departments

Have there been any key changes in direction since you were founded?

The product vision has not undergone significant changes. It has always been about leveraging on technology to help lawyers manage knowledge work flows.

What are the key challenges you face in your market?

The key challenge is to persuade practitioners who may already be set in the ways they practise law.

What are the most exciting developments you’ve seen in your market in the past year to 18 months?

1) There are emerging interests in the legal tech space from VCs and seasoned entrepreneurs. The founding of Atrium by Justin Kan (General Catalyst led in the $10m seed round) and the $12m Series B funding by Casetext are good examples of this interest.

2) There is increased attention on legal technology and there is increased awareness among law firms to adopt technology.

3) Leading law firms hope to seize opportunities in developing digital libraries and knowledge systems to gain advantage over their competitors. They have identified technology to be the game changer.

Tell us something that people don’t already know about the company?

A large law firm with over 200 lawyers will be signing on to our platform to develop their firm’s intelligent KM system.