@ZylphaLtd new Letterhead Software chosen by Tickle Hall Cross Solicitors

Letterhead software from Zylpha (www.zylpha.com) has been chosen by solicitors Tickle Hall Cross for use with its SolCase case management software. The newly available solution enables the practice to automatically add the correct legal letterhead to word document based correspondence.
As a leading practice in the St Helens and Prescot areas, Tickle Hall Cross supplies a wide range of services including: Conveyancing, Family Law, Business Services, Wills and Probate. With many different departments across different locations, there is a need to make sure that copies of correspondence and other file documents carry the correct letterhead. The new system saves a significant amount of administrative time and cost over manually changing headed paper in the printer trays and printing out letters with the required office address, which is then subsequently rescanned back into the system to create a PDF version of the document.
Commenting on the new system, Janet Smith, Practice Manager of Tickle Hall Cross said, “This software works very well for us as it cuts down the significant administrative burden of manually ensuring that the correct letterhead is applied and we can email it out as a .pdf file instantly. Historically, most correspondence and other legal documents are normally stored on un-headed word documents in SolCase and then printed out on the correct letterhead. This has proved extremely time consuming. In automating the processes involved, Zylpha’s new letterhead feature solves this problem. Understandably we have had a very positive response from staff, who are naturally very keen to exploit the efficiencies available. This software will certainly more than pay for itself on the many standard letters and forms that we use in areas such as conveyancing.”
For his part, Tim Long CEO of Zylpha welcomed Janet’s comments adding, “This is one of those anachronistic areas of practice administration where historically technology had left everyday processes untouched. In helping to pioneer this new solution Tickle Hall Cross has benefitted the staff of practices across the country. We are extremely keen to hear from other practices where this software can make a similarly significant difference.”