Lonely Planet legal adopts LawAdvisor Corporate for managing outside counsel

Lonely Planet has helped to develop and now adopted an outside counsel procurement and management platform from Melbourne-founded legal tech startup LawAdvisor, which is backed by Janders Dean and launched in the UK this year.
LawAdvisor Corporate is a platform through which in-house counsel can fast track procurement and track law firm expenditure in real time, replacing what are still typically multiple Excel spreadsheets with dashboards. Law firm performance is captured to create rankings to help the in-house team select law firms going forward.
Lonely Planet has been evolving its heritage business from a traditional travel guidebook publisher to a multimedia travel company and as part of this process has seen infrastructure changes such as moving to agile working and cross departmental collaboration through Cloud services. Lonely Planet’s legal team worked in collaboration with LawAdvisor, which launched in 2015 and in 2016 received investment from Google Maps co-founder Lars Rasmussen, on the development of the corporate product.
Lonely Planet’s senior legal counsel, Kate Sullivan (pictured) said: “We require legal expertise across a vast spectrum of business needs. It is great to have one platform to do this through, which builds the feedback loop right into the process, offering greater efficiency and better service overall.”
In addition to the feedback provided for LawAdvisor Corporate, Lonely Planet also helped guide the development of another LawAdvisor tool – Rapid Contracts. This product, which can be used separately, or in conjunction with LawAdvisor Corporate, allows legal teams to automate significant parts of contract creation, negotiation, and execution.
LawAdvisor founder Brennan Ong said: “It’s really wonderful that two globally-minded, Melbourne-based companies can work together to create something great. Without Lonely Planet’s feedback, LawAdvisor Corporate wouldn’t be the product it is today, and we’re very glad to have their support.”
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