Hogan Lovells launches new tool to help businesses understand implications of the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill

Legal IT Newswire: As part of its market-leading analysis of the Brexit process, the law firm Hogan Lovells has launched a new tool – the Hogan Lovells Brexit Repeal Bill Tool – to help businesses understand how the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will affect them after Brexit.
Charles Brasted, a Partner at Hogan Lovells, said, “Many of the rules affecting businesses in the UK come either directly from EU law or from domestic legislation that implements it. Brexit will fundamentally change the UK’s relationship with the EU, leaving the status of these unclear. Businesses operating in the UK will want to know if and how their legal and regulatory environment will change. This tool will help them do that, by explaining how the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill will deal with the specific legal instruments they are concerned about.”
Commenting on the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill’s passage through Parliament, Charles Brasted said, “The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill, once formerly known as the Great Repeal Bill, begins its second reading in Parliament amid considerable constitutional criticism, and political manoeuvring, however, it is crucial to the delivery of Brexit and will define how much of the legal content will be scrutinised and imposed.
“The Bill will define how the regulations that govern businesses post-Brexit are made. It’s crucial that businesses follow this process to understand how their legal and regulatory environment will change.
“In the face of a legislative task of unprecedented scale and speed, forced and unforced errors are inevitable, and businesses will have to monitor changes closely and be ready to engage and, where necessary, challenge.”