Let it rain, let it rain… Rainmaker legal marketing software gets UK distributor

Oxfordshire based legal marketing firm PDQ Partnership Ltd has been appointed as the sole UK distributor of Rainmaker Audit Pro, a commercial client legal diagnostic system designed specifically for the legal profession.
PDQ’s Managing Director, Debra Jardine said “Rainmaker Audit Pro allows lawyers to have conversations with commercial clients about what is important to them…their businesses. Quite often clients don’t appreciate that they have underlying legal problems that could seriously impact their business until it’s too late. Rainmaker Audit Pro provides a structured framework to allow these discussions to take place and the lawyers become the trusted advisors they aspire to be.”

One of the first UK firms to sign to sign up for the system is Brethertons LLP where company commercial partner Brian Auld comments “Using Rainmaker technology has allowed our lawyers to engage with clients, prospective clients and referrers, to identify work opportunities that would ordinarily have gone unnoticed. Our lawyers like the tool and more importantly use it.”
The software behind Rainmaker was designed by a Canadian commercial lawyer, Beth Maclean, who now lives in Sydney, Australia. UK based law firms have now joined those in the USA, Asia, Australia and South Africa and are reaping the benefits of using the audit system. Rainmaker Audits cover 15 areas of interest to business owners, not all of which are legal. The audits can be conducted in approximately 90 minutes by asking 49 questions. The output of the audit is a detailed report of 40 or so pages and an action list with timescales where clients have allocated a priority measurement to each action.

Debra  Jardine adds “The aim of Rainmaker is to create better client relationships and better bottom lines for law firms. The audit also  creates  opportunities for lawyers to cross refer non legal work that clients want undertaken to other professional contacts. Initial interest from law firms has been extremely encouraging with one UK firm using the technology as part of their client on-boarding process.”
Contact Details
Debra Jardine
The PDQ Partnership Ltd
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Email: debrajardine@rainmakerauditpro.co.uk
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