Peppermint marketing head Barbara Millett joins LexisNexis

Barbara Millett, long time marketing manager for Peppermint Technology, has left the Nottingham-based legal software vendor and joined LexisNexis, working out of its Leeds office as product marketing manager.
Millett (pictured) was one of the first employees at Peppermint and was with the company for six and half years, helping to build it from a startup to now employing around 80 staff.
At Lexis she’ll be working in LexisNexis enterprise solutions (LNES) working across all LNES products – LexisOne, Visualfiles, and InterAction –  in more of a strategic go-to-market role alongside the product team.
This is definitely an ‘ouch’ for Peppermint, which has had a number of recent high-profile departures, including David Thorpe who left in 2016 and is now at slicedbread, and Kaye Sycamore who joined from Intapp in 2016 and returned to Intapp in 2017. This month Mark McGowan, regional business development and sales manager at Peppermint, joined Intapp as an account executive.
However, Millett tells us that the new job is just 20 minutes down the road and was an opportunity she couldn’t pass by, commenting: “I’ll be working with the product team as opposed to market comms so it’s more of a strategic role looking at the go-to-market proposition and it takes me away from the all the admin side of things.”
She adds: “I was sad to leave Peppermint. I’ve been part of a core group and helped them build the team but I have been there six and a half years.”
Adams, who had just landed back in the UK, told us over email: “Yes, sad to see Barbara go and I wish her well in her new opportunity. This is a great opportunity for her develop her skills in a product marketing role and in a global capacity – something a business at our stage isn’t set up for. I think it good and healthy for people to get exposed to a broad range of skills and companies at different stages. LN is a good company so I’m sure she will learn lots and do well.”