Ediscovery: Sandline Discovery Introduces Relativity Non-Western Language Localizer

Sandline Discovery, a boutique litigation support and eDiscovery service provider serving both law firms and corporations in the United States and globally, has introduced an application to improve the overall experience for Asian language and other non-Western language speakers using the eDiscovery platform Relativity. Sandline’s language localizer displays tabs, fields and other Relativity Objects in the user interface with native language characters, providing an easier and more personal user experience for non-English speakers.
Relativity provides organizations with a complete set of flexible tools to tackle their unique challenges through every phase of an eDiscovery project. As a platform, Relativity allows developer partners like Sandline to design, build, and integrate applications that extend its functionality.
The Relativity platform supports several languages and encodings for review, it is Unicode compliant and the analytics do work with things as complicated as traditional Chinese characters within the data hosted in Relativity. Sandline’s language localizer allows elements of the software’s interface to also display Unicode characters, making it easier for non-Western language speakers to use. The application works for any Asian language or other non-Western language character set, including Hebrew, Arabic, Greek and many more. All characters can be copied directly into the tool, allowing an admin complete control when naming tabs, views, layouts and fields.
“With our growing roster of clients with offices in Asia, our team found an opportunity to improve the Relativity user experience for those who don’t speak English as their first language,” says Sandline Discovery President Jon Canty. “We’re excited to enhance our clients’ review experience and to help further expand the reach of Relativity as the industry’s premier eDiscovery software.”
Among Sandline’s clients already taking advantage of the new Relativity language localizer is the law firm Tanenholz & Associates, PLLC. Says firm managing partner David Tanenholz, “Sandline has created an application that effectively customizes Relativity’s interface to provide our teams in Asia a similar user experience as our English-speaking team here in the U.S. Any firm with Relativity users who do not speak English as their first language will benefit from using this app.”
Sandline’s language localizer is now part of the Relativity App Hub, which includes applications and integrations built by Relativity developer partners.
“Multilingual investigations and discovery can be complex and extremely challenging,” said Perry Marchant, vice president of engineering at Relativity. “It’s great that Sandline utilized Relativity to help simplify the process.”
Sandline announced in June its adoption of Relativity as its primary platform for data processing, hosting and review services. Its team already holds multiple Relativity certifications, and in addition to being named a Relativity Authorized Partner, the company has unlimited access to Relativity Analytics, further expanding Sandline’s analytics and technology-assisted review service.
For more information, visit www.SandlineDiscovery.com.