Artificial intelligence coming to the world of regulatory compliance

Legal IT Newswire: A London-based consultancy firm, Nerdic, focused on public policy and regulatory compliance for tech businesses, is launching the beta version of it’s AI chat-bot, bot.nerdic, that tells tech start-ups which regulations their business should comply with. All you have to do is to answer a couple of short questions and the AI will immediately point out the rules and regulations that affect you. Result!
Currently, the free-to-use beta of bot.nerdic only does the assessment process but the team behind it is working on a more comprehensive version which will tell start-ups what they need to do to comply with related regulations and help them to prepare related documentation.
Lawtech has been significantly growing since 2015 (1), disturbing the business of law and Nerdic is one of the many lawtech start-ups working on automation of regulatory compliance consultancy working with many startups and larger businesses while being part of Camden Collective community.
“Complying with laws and regulation is not optional and it is a lot easier for businesses who are at first stages of their journey. This said, we experience, in many cases, start-ups rather have a lack of knowledge about the rules which surround them or they are worried about the cost. We strongly believe this chat-bot will be useful for many tech start-ups in the United Kingdom” says Cagatay Pekyorur, Director of Nerdic.
You can meet bot.nerdic here.