DocsCorp announces its document comparison tool compareDocs now Integrates with iManage Work 10 on desktop and mobile Devices

DocsCorp ( just announced that their document comparison tool, compareDocs, now integrates with the new iManage Work 10 Professional Experience on Windows desktop and in the cloud. The device-independent “smart” integration style provides iManage users quick and easy access to desktop and cloud versions depending on the device.
compareDocs Smart Integration
Using new compareDocs Smart Integration, when iManage Work 10 users select the compare button in iManage, they can choose to open the desktop version installed on their Windows machine or compareDocs cloud* if they are working from a Mac, Windows or mobile device that does not have compareDocs Desktop installed.
The compareDocs cloud app is compatible with macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows and works with every browser that supports iManage Work 10. When using compareDocs on iPad, documents can be loaded in from available drives including Dropbox and Google Drive.
Commenting on the release, DocsCorp President and Co-Founder Dean Sappey said, “Using Smart Integration iManage Work 10, users can seamlessly switch between desktop and cloud versions of compareDocs. This means that fast, accurate and reliable document comparison is no longer limited to the desktop – it’s available wherever you choose to work.”
*This requires a compareDocs cloud licence