Australian lawtech deal: Sparke Helmore Selects Intapp Time Ahead of Financial System Migration

Intapp today announced that Sparke Helmore, a major law firm with eight offices across Australia, has selected Intapp Time for total time management. Sparke Helmore will use Intapp Time as it looks to transform time recording capabilities for some 400 lawyers.
“As we plan our migration to a new financial and practice management system, we’ve made the decision to select Intapp Time as part of our solution,” said Lee Hodge, CIO, Sparke Helmore.
Hodge explained, “Under the old model, lawyers have been frustrated by the lack of support for mobile time entry and the time they spend recreating timesheets after the fact. By moving to Intapp Time, our lawyers will have much better mobile device support, with synchronisation across all devices. The time capture functionality of Intapp Time enables them to review their time more quickly and efficiently, by presenting them with a clear record of client-related work performed throughout the day – a feature that allows even the most diligent timekeepers to check that they haven’t missed any time.”
Intapp Time offers a consistent interface across desktop, tablets and smartphones, supporting the full range of time recording preferences from automatic time capture to manual timers. It also enforces compliance with client billing guidelines at the time of entry, and provides real-time insight and reporting. Like all Intapp software, Intapp Time is designed to integrate well with core applications typically used in law firm environments, providing firms with flexibility regardless of which financial management system they ultimately choose.
“The old worldview of relying on your financial system for your time recording capabilities is very quickly being replaced with a new wisdom: choose the best specialist tool available to you and simply integrate with your financial system instead,” said Marin Sardelic, Managing Director, Intapp. “Time recording is too important to business performance and client relationships not to be addressed and improved. By selecting Intapp Time, Sparke Helmore will make the process more painless, more accurate and more efficient for its fee earners – and enhance the client experience by providing them with a clearer, timelier view of work in progress.”