NetApp becomes first LTC4-certified in-house legal team

More good news for LTC4, which announces today (16 October) that long time LTC4 champion NetApp has become the first in-house legal department to receive LTC4 certification.
NetApp’s chief of staff and senior director of legal operations, Connie Brenton is also chief executive of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), which in May 2016 became a strategic partner of LTC4. Brenton has for a number of years been an outspoken supporter of LTC4 and its goals to provide an industry standard method for assessing technology skills which law firms, legal departments and law schools can use to structure training programmes.
“Our goal is for team members be offered the opportunity to receive LTC4 Certification across platforms, as well as in the Security Awareness domain. We worked with LTC4 Provider Member Capensys in achieving these certifications,” said Brenton.
“This is the start of something big. We will see more innovation-oriented in-house legal departments pursue LTC4 certification in the months ahead.”
As we recently reported, LTC4 recently hire Peggy Wechsler as it’s first ‘Lion’ – Lions will form an Advisory Council to assist the board with the strategic direction of LTC4.