CaseLines, the world’s leading solution for evidence management and courtroom presentation, today announced that its system now stores over 50 million pages of trial evidence. Altogether, the system has saved users from printing over 300m pages of paper – equivalent to the weight of 200 trees.
CaseLines is proud of its success within local authorities and will be discussing this in depth at the Local Government Group (LLG) Governance Conference in Bath this week. David Jackson, MD of CaseLines said, ”I am immensely proud of the hard work and consistency of our team here. We now provide a vital service to central and local government, and to hundreds of firms of lawyers. This is an exciting time for us. Our central role in the courtroom provides a perfect platform to deliver to the justice system much needed innovations, such as streaming video evidence and on-demand virtual hearings.”
CaseLines now holds over 200,000 cases and is used regularly by almost 25,000 users, in countries as far afield as Brazil and the United Arab Emirates. Take up by judges is accelerating and there are now 100 civil and family judges who use the system, in addition to almost 1,200 judges who use the system daily for criminal cases.
Netmaster Solutions Ltd is a global provider of cloud-based solutions for the legal services market, delivering collaborative cloud-based services for courts, lawyers and Government legal bodies. Netmaster’s CaseLines courtroom presentation and e-bundle system is used in the Supreme Court, Civil and Public Law cases and in the Crown Court Digital Case System (“CCDCS”) across England & Wales.
In September 2017 CaseLines demonstrated another world first; one-click on demand video conferencing from within the digital case file. CaseLines video conferencing lets judges create instant virtual hearings without requiring any technical help. For more information about CaseLines visit