Trending: Robot Lawyer LISA launches suite of property contracts

Robot Lawyer LISA has broadened out its self-help legal documentation to include a suite of tools that will help landlords, tenants, owners and property entrepreneurs create to create business leases, residential leases and lodger agreements together with the other party to the negotiation.
LISA, which is underpinned by Neota Logic’s rules-based software, already offers a free non-disclosure agreement (NDA) service. The same technology, imbued with human legal and commercial insight has been used to develop these three new tools. The legal input has come from Russell Davidson, a consultant solicitor at Duthie Law, with the commercial input from Chrissie Lightfoot, LISA’s co-founder. The legal input for the free NDA came from Adam Duthie, managing partner and solicitor at Duthie Law.
Lightfoot is currently in talks with a number of corporate partners over licensing out LISA to their members. It is envisaged that potential clients may include estate agents that need to turn around leases and other agreements quickly and on a regular basis.
Lightfoot said: “We’ve always been looking at other ways LISA can support business people, industries and consumers in their professional and personal lives now, aligned with trends and projections surrounding the way that we will all live, work, communicate and behave in the Robot Age in the months and years ahead.
“Property seemed to be an obvious choice, given the frequency with which agreements need to be drafted whenever properties or units are rented out on either a commercial or residential basis. In the UK, only one in 10 people and businesses take advice from a solicitor or barrister, meaning a huge proportion of small and medium businesses and consumers muddle on without legal representation, because they don’t have the time, resources or feel comfortable talking to a human lawyer. LISA aims to solve that problem, by giving the latent legal market an opportunity to self-help and self-serve by providing them with a convenient way to achieve quality legal insight and advice which they desperately need and want.”
You can find out more and register for your free demo of Robot Lawyer LISA’s property tools now by going to