Free Webinar 6 December: Optimise your spend and run your legal department like a business with Apperio

Date: Wednesday 6th December
Time: 15.30 – 16.15 GMT
Most corporate legal departments struggle with the opaqueness of legal fees and invoices. This lack of transparency leads to surprise invoices, an inability to effectively budget, forecast and run their legal departments efficiently.
In this webinar learn how Apperio helps legal departments overcome these challenges by giving users unparalleled visibility and control over their legal spend. Features include:
Visibility in real-time of WIP and invoices
Analytics on overall legal spend
Benchmarking law firm performance
Apperio’s platform has been successful in providing a comparison of firms’ ability to stick to budgets, identifying areas for improved efficiency and has proven to save clients an average of 15% on their legal fees. To date, more than $1.5bn fees have been tracked through the Apperio platform.
This informative webinar will be presented by Nicholas d’Adhemar, Founder and CEO at Apperio.
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