Alphaserve Technologies Launches Legal Innovation Consultancy

Alphaserve Technologies, a global provider of managed IT, cloud and cybersecurity services, announces the introduction of its Legal Innovation Consulting group as part of the company’s comprehensive solutions to help law firms improve their business operations. Led by experienced lawyers who understand client demands, the team collaborates with process and technical experts who assist in developing the custom platforms and applications that are becoming a requirement in today’s legal environment.
Alphaserve has experience providing innovation consulting and process automation to the financial, insurance and health care industries, and sees process automation gaining traction in the legal market. Law firms are finding their clients require increased efficiency and customized solutions that improve their experience working with the firm. Law firm leaders now recognize the growing need to offer competitive differentiators such as innovative applications and customized solutions that leverage AI and data science. And while some large firms have created the chief innovation officer role to develop and drive these initiatives, many firms remain unsure where to begin or do not have the internal resources to learn about new capabilities or follow through on ideas.
Alphaserve created its Legal Innovation Consulting group in response to this continued evolution of the legal market, to help law firms anticipate client requests and to develop new platforms and applications that will position them ahead of this curve. Experienced attorneys merge their unique knowledge of client needs with the experience of subject matter experts in data science, process automation, eDiscovery and other areas. The result is that Alphaserve can develop customized platforms to be used for specific firm clients or implemented more broadly for repeatable applications benefiting multiple clients.
“Innovation in the legal market isn’t just about adopting the latest technology. It requires collaboration between lawyers who understand their clients’ needs, expert technologists and data scientists who understand the processes and tools available to develop meaningful solutions,” says Arup Das, CEO of Alphaserve Technologies. “Our Legal Innovation Consulting group collaborates to develop custom applications utilized by law firms to differentiate themselves.”
Alphaserve’s Legal Innovation Consulting group is the company’s latest offering aimed at helping law firm leaders understand and leverage modern tools and processes to improve their business operations. After launching a new education program focused on AI and analytics in September, last month Alphaserve announced the expansion of its business process workflow consulting to the legal market.
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