Legal comparison spin off site JustBeagle launches with £970k seed financing

A member of the team behind consumer legal support forum LegalBeagles has launched a new legal search and comparison site – JustBeagle – having raised £970,000 in seed round financing from high net worth investors.
Online crowd funding investment platform SyndicateRoom supported the fundraising by bringing a number of its investors to the round. JustBeagle promises to directly connect consumers and SMEs to over 10,000 + law firms across England and Wales.
Led by CEO Kate Briscoe, a consumer rights lawyers, JustBeagle is the latest entrant to attempt to reshape an opaque legal market and democratise access to legal services.
Other startups that attempt to connect consumers or businesses with lawyers – as listed in our startup directory – include Access Solicitor, LawBid, PingaLawyer, ReviewSolicitors and The Third Way.
JustBeagle enables consumers and SMEs looking for a lawyer online to search for legal providers by criteria including location, sector experience and any fixed fee pricing available, making it simpler for them to make informed choices before making a purchase.
“For too long, the process of accessing information about legal providers has been complicated, costly and out of touch with the way connected consumers want to search for legal services,” said Briscoe. “Over the last 10 years we have seen increased demand from people looking for impartial help searching for a lawyer while using our free legal information platform, LegalBeagles. It was clear there was significant pent-up demand which was not being met for consumers and equally law firms have not had access to a neutral platform to showcase and benchmark their services.”