Updated: Linklaters Australian ally Allens to swap out eDOCS for iManage

Linklaters’ Australian ally Allens is to swap out OpenText eDOCS for iManage Work Product Management after a competitive pitch involving both NetDocuments and iManage.
The firm also selected iManage Mobility to enable staff to access the entire electronic file from any device or location. Phoenix Business Solutions was selected by Allens to assist with the design and delivery of its iManage implementation.
This is the second eDOCS – iManage swap out announced this week, after Stikeman Elliott announced on 14 November that it has selected iManage Work, Threat Manager and Records Manager.
“When we started our journey of selecting a replacement for our current system, we took a fresh approach with no bias for any vendor,” said Bill Tanner, acting chief information officer at Allens. “During our extensive evaluation of available enterprise-scale products, it became clear to us that iManage offered the most advanced solution for addressing our productivity, mobility and security needs.”
“iManage provides practical options for meeting the security requirements demanded by our clients and, with 25 of the top 30 global firms using iManage today, they are also the most experienced and proven in working with firms of our size,” said Rachel O’Connor, chief knowledge officer at Allens. “Given the quality of the overall user experience that iManage Work 10 offers and the integration with RAVN Systems, we anticipate rapid and broad adoption of iManage throughout the firm. We are delighted to join the iManage community and look forward to a sustaining partnership with a visionary vendor who understands the challenges that large law firms face today.”
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