Big wins for Capensys as UK sees “uptick of interest” in LTC4 training

With more pressure on the industry than ever to understand and use technology efficiently there have been some big wins for Capensys in the last six weeks, with Bird & Bird, Arthur Cox, Penningtons Manches, Seddons, Withers and NetApp among the firms that have signed up for training tools ranging from Elite 3E, Windows 10, Office 2016, iManage, LTC4 certification and security awareness.
Capensys is an approved LTC4 vendor and provides a broad range of technology and security awareness to the legal industry, but the security side is (as to be expected) a fast growing area, now accounting for around a third of the work that Capensys does.
Of the UK firms named above, Bird & Bird and Arthur Cox have signed up for security training; Penningtons Manches for a Windows 10/Office 2016/iManage 9.3 roll out. Seddons has signed up for LTC4 accreditation in security, Microsoft Office, DocsCorp pdfDOCS and Intapp Time. Withers has also signed up for LTC4 ‘legal documents’ accreditation.
California headquartered multinational data management company NetApp, as we wrote on 16 October, has become the first in-house legal department to receive LTC4 certification, working with Capensy, led by chief of staff and senior director of legal operations, Connie Brenton, who has been a champion of LTC4 and its goals to provide an industry standard method for assessing technology skills.
Speaking to the Orange Rag, Capensys founding director Sue Pasfield (pictured) said: “There’s an uptick of interest in the UK. Finally people are getting the message that LTC4 is really helpful to help them improve user productivity and prove to their clients that they working efficiently. There is so much more competition between firms now and if you can say ‘we train our users to be proficient users of IT so they’re not spending 10 hours but two’ it will make you much more attractive to the client.”
She added: “There is so much more pressure from the client now. LTC4 had been going a while when Connie came along and said: ‘this is a match made in heaven. I’m trying to make outside counsel more efficient and to get the best from them.” Brenton is also chief executive of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC), which in May 2016 became a strategic partner of LTC4.
In October 2017, LTC4 announced that Peggy Wechsler, formerly programme manager at ILTA, had been appointed a the first LTC4 ‘Lion’ – legal technology professionals who have been invited to form an advisory council to assist the board with the strategic direction of LTC4.
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