Law firm security: Alphaserve Technologies expands legal market offerings with CISO as a Service

Alphaserve Technologies, a global provider of managed IT, cloud and cybersecurity services, announced today its newest offering for law firm clients: CISO as a service. While the term is often used in specific reference to the role of chief information security officers, Alphaserve’s latest service goes beyond support at the executive leadership level. The company consults with law firms to provide bespoke solutions starting with a needs assessment based on firm size and maturity that helps define the optimal level of support for each client.
With the rapid emphasis in recent years on security within all organizations, there is more demand than supply of resources with meaningful expertise in this area. This is particularly true for law firms, which must prove compliance and control with respect to a cyber strategy to their diverse clients representing any number of industries, each of which may be subject to their own unique regulations. Securing resources with cybersecurity expertise in all relevant industries is nearly impossible, as is keeping up with constant regulatory changes as well as the latest technology and threats.
Alphaserve’s CISO as a service offering covers all aspects of data security from policy creation and developing custom frameworks to implementation of compliance and technical protocols to education and continued monitoring of security systems. The company has created its own security operations center to use for client support and has assembled a team of veteran security experts from multiple industries. Leveraging their combined knowledge and best practices, Alphaserve can help clients drive regulatory compliance across the diverse industries comprising each law firm’s client portfolio.
“While cybersecurity technology frameworks can be similar across industries, what is not the same is the regulatory environment of each. Law firms must demonstrate their ability not just to protect client data from threats, but to do so within the unique regulations governing all of the industries their clients serve,” says Arup Das, CEO of Alphaserve Technologies. “It can be challenging for firms to find qualified resources with the diverse backgrounds required to lead security efforts and execute established polices effectively. Having delivered CISO as a service to clients in other industries including health care and financial services, Alphaserve is well-equipped to handle the unique needs of law firms serving clients in a variety of verticals.”
Alphaserve consults with each law firm client to deliver a tailored solution based on its size, maturity, client industries served and existing resources. The company can provide C-level consulting on data security to define a strategy, create policy and develop a workable architecture for those firms that need it and may provide resources for execution of the strategy, with continued support and monitoring of systems installed.
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