Advanced Discovery introduces Advanced Message Review for defensible mobile data eDiscovery

New technology normalises multisource mobile chat, text and media content into easy-to-review relationship-based conversation threads compatible with all major review platforms
Advanced Discovery, a global eDiscovery and risk management provider, today announced the company has launched Advanced Message Review, a patent-pending eDiscovery solution for global mobile data.
Mobile devices now dominate the share of total minutes spent online: 71 percent in the U.S. and 61 percent in the U.K. (source: comScore). This growth includes the continued acceleration of text and chat messaging with nearly 23 billion messages being sent every day, or 16 million messages per minute across the globe (source: Statistic Brain).
“Even though mobile data is one of the fastest-growing sources of discoverable electronically stored information, eDiscovery providers have been dependent on manual and linear workflows,” explains Jim Burke, CEO, Advanced Discovery.
Data collected from mobile devices (SMS, IM, third-party chats, linked photos, videos, voicemails) has typically been extracted in one bulk comma-delimited report or Excel file with unlinked exported loose files for photos, videos and voicemails. These types of communications are often reviewed outside of the standard review platform, without the ability to integrate automated workflows or tools, including analytics to reduce and prioritise documents. “Conversations become rows and columns in a spreadsheet, creating an inefficient, time-consuming and disconnected review process,” Burke explains.
Advanced Message Review is designed to automate and integrate the review of mobile data within all major review platforms, including Relativity. This solution:
• Converts mobile device images into a format that allows fully functional native review.
• Normalises texts and chats from multiple sources and formats, including Facebook Messenger, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat and many more.
• Organises mobile data into formats usable in all major review platforms for parallel review with all other nonmobile data sources.
• Threads individual messages to display relationship-based communication patterns between two or more parties.
• Formats and displays data with all the visual messaging cues of the mobile device for faster and higher-quality review and coding.
• Enables the application of analytics features, like conceptual search and visualisation, to mobile data to reduce and prioritise documents for review.
“We are technology-enabled advisors to our clients,” explains Brandi Walkowiak, vice president, Review and Professional Services, Advanced Discovery. “Using innovative tools like Advanced Message Review means we can improve review workflows, enhance substantive understanding of documents and stay ahead of the growing scale and complexity of mobile data.”
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