EmpowerLegal launches Litigation Suite, a series of streamable video tutorials that effectively prepare clients for testimony

Today, EmpowerLegal Inc launched its powerful Litigation Suite, a series of streamable video tutorials which help litigation attorneys and their clients effectively prepare for major legal events including mediations, depositions and trials.
Created and narrated by Alan S. Fanger, an award-winning litigation attorney with 30+ years of experience, EmpowerLegal video tutorials provide realistic, professionally-portrayed depictions of depositions, mediations and trials. The videos demystify intimidating litigation events and highlight and remedy clients’ common mistakes while testifying. When an actor-portrayed client in the video makes a tactical mistake answering questions, Fanger stops the action and intervenes–pointing out the error for the audience–then provides suggestions for a more effective response.
Mark V. Larson of Larson Law Firm P.C. in Minot, North Dakota has already begun using the Litigation Suite’s deposition and mediation video tutorials in his practice. Larson says: “EmpowerLegal videos allow my clients to be more prepared. I absolutely have seen clients do a better job in mediations and depositions after viewing the videos because they know what to expect and how to answer. In depositions I generally see great improvement in clients who have watched the videos. Using EmpowerLegal videos to prepare clients, I am getting some of the best depositions from clients that I have seen in my entire career. EmpowerLegal videos are efficient and cost effective and they do a better job getting clients prepared than I could ever do alone.”
EmpowerLegal videos are useful for attorneys at law firms, in-house legal counsel, and insurance companies. Law school faculty and students will also benefit from EmpowerLegal’s real-world-scenario tutorials. Customers can purchase a monthly or annual subscription for the video tutorials priced according to their desired frequency of use and how many they need. Videos can be viewed over any internet connection, 24/7, from any mobile device. EmpowerLegal iPhone and Android apps are available.
For more information or to view excerpts or full videos (on trial basis) before purchase, email info@empowerlegal.net or visit www.empowerlegal.net.