Webinar: Time to stop running your legal department budget in Excel – 22 February

Date: Thursday 22nd February
Time: 15.30 – 16.15 GMT
Legal departments are under immense pressure to ‘do more with less’ but simply cannot achieve this with their legacy software. Spreadsheets and word documents are still commonplace but are simply not the right tools for the job.
In this informative webinar, you will learn how Apperio gives General Counsel complete visibility over your legal spend to ensure you:
Never doubt how every hour and every penny is spent, including work that has been billed and WIP (work in progress)
Maximise the return on your legal spend by turning raw data into relevant insight
Manage company and departmental level budgets with greater insight
This informative webinar will be presented by Nicholas d’Adhemar, Founder and CEO at Apperio.
Registration: https://resources.apperio.com/rsvp-apperio-gc-event-11-201-0-0