Think AI for Legal 2018 – Blockchain + AI = Disruption in Legal Services – Biggest upset since the Norman Conquest?!?

Two innovations are about to transform the legal services sector.
One – machine learning, or artificial intelligence – is already a reality for City firms and general counsel with its ability to slash the time needed for document-intensive work such as due diligence and discovery. The Lord Chief Justice has recently highlighted the role of technology improving the disclosure process by containing its cost while ensuring reliable outcomes.
The second, blockchain, is being applied more tentatively is but potentially more far-reaching. Blockchain encryption technology can render any kind of document tamper-proof and non-repudiable document; as asset registers and contracts as well as virtual currencies. It is also opens the way to ‘smart’ self executing contracts.
Together, the technologies will have transformative impact. This will include the displacement of one in five lawyer jobs within a generation, according to the Law Society of England and Wales. Other forecasters say the impact will be greater. The UK Government’s chief scientific adviser predicts the biggest change in law since the Norman Conquest.
This one-day event will outline what general counsel and providers of legal services need to know now about this revolution – especially in the context of the General Data Protection Regulation, the international growth of paperless dispute resolution (including the proposed Online Court for England and Wales) and impending changes to the civil procedure rules.
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