Webinar: Mobility for Lawyers, Greater Productivity with Mobile Helix LINK app – 5th March

Mobility is progressing rapidly. In the past 6 months, with our 3.4 release, our LINK app has added capabilities that enable lawyers to be truly responsive and productive from tablets and smartphones.
What’s improved?
Complete email + document workflows so that lawyers can start from receipt of a document in email, then review, modify, and share the document.
Complete email + document workflows:
• Receive a DMS link in email; review the document; convert to Word or PDF and send to client.
• Open an attachment or DMS link in email; directly edit with the MS Word app; check-in to DMS; send to client.
• Open a DMS link in email; accept redlines; sign, send-and-file to DMS (with luggage tags).
• Compose an email, attach a doc from DMS. Preview. Markup. Send marked up and original document to colleague or client.
Work is easier and faster:
• Email
o File quickly to Recommended folders (Outlook or DMS folders)
o Rapid file multiple emails to folders (Outlook or DMS folders)
• Document shortcuts
o Compare documents; email both a redlined and clean copy
o Review a document with and without redlines
o From DMS, reply to a .msg file
o From DMS, copy a document to another folder to start a new version
Join us for this 40-minute webinar to see a demo of these workflows.
More information and registration here:
Questions? Contact Maureen Blando: maureen@mobilehelix.com