Legal tech partnerships: Iridium Technology teams up with Solex to bring BI to offshore firms

Now here is a partnership that needs investigating more fully: BI solutions provider Iridium Technology has entered into a new partnership with Solex, a consultancy and technology services company based in the Cayman Islands, to bring leading BI solutions to offshore firms. Solex’s mission is to help clients choose and master the business technology landscape that will enable them to achieve their competitive edge. 
The Cayman Islands-based team of consultants for Solex have an average of 20 years’ experience in areas such as Finance, Information Technology, Compliance, Risk and Project Management. Their extensive knowledge and experience with a variety of organisations in multiple industries gives Solex a unique perspective of a global marketplace. 
“We are incredibly excited about joining forces with Solex to offer BI implementations to offshore firms,” states Tom Jones, CEO/Founder of Iridium Technology. “We have worked with the Solex founders on past BI implementations, and we are impressed with their capabilities. Iridium plus Solex will be a powerful combination for offshore BI projects!” 
And all we heard was Cayman Islands.
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