Instant access to legal advice in Manchester? There’ll be an app for that too – soon

Access to clients in need of legal advice will be just a finger tap away thanks to a new app for iOS and Android launching in Manchester later this year.
The first app of its kind, it says here, LawOn is designed to improve access to legal services and modernise the way law firms operate, helping them to source new clients seeking help in four areas of law.
Through the app, users can ask legal questions and consult with local, SRA regulated lawyers free of charge. Based on the responses they can then select which lawyer they would like to instruct to act on their behalf. The free consultation can take place via the app meaning minimal disruption to both the lawyer and client.
Ismaeel Waseem, founder and CEO of LawOn believes the app will be a great tool for lawyers, as it will enable them to access new clients who are actively looking for advice and want a swift response.
Ismaeel said: “In a world driven by convenience and digital connectivity, LawOn will allow users to contact a lawyer in the same way they have been ordering taxis and takeaways for years. Through the app, users can access expert legal advice when they need it, where they need it, without the need to ring around legal firms, and legal firms can find genuine clients in need of help without having to spend a fortune on marketing which may not even produce results.”
A 2017 survey by iLawyerMarketing revealed the most common way to search for a lawyer was using a smartphone, so Ismaeel has taken it to the next level by making it possible to use the app to access immediate legal advice and screen time with a lawyer, simplifying what can be a time consuming and stressful process with a lot of back and forth on both sides.
Via the app, users can send relevant documents to a solicitor prior to a consultation, speak directly to a qualified solicitor about their case free of charge and then receive a bespoke quote afterwards. The app simplifies and speeds up the whole process of seeking legal advice and instructing a lawyer and offers a secure platform for users to discuss their case.
The LawOn process also puts users in control by allowing them to speak to several solicitors and choose the one which best meets their requirements and budget, which also helps the law firms find clients who are a good fit.
Initially the app will provide access to specialist solicitors who can cover family law, property law, wills and probate as well as personal injury cases including clinical negligence. But this will increase to other areas of law in the future.
When a user asks a question, verified solicitors registered with LawOn who specialise in that area will be notified and have the option to respond via instant message. If a user wishes to have a free consultation instead, it will be scheduled with their chosen solicitor.
Ismaeel added “LawOn was founded with a single purpose: To make legal services accessible and affordable for everyone. As a solicitor, I wanted to promote the value of sound legal advice provided by qualified lawyers, while at the same time making it easier and cheaper for users to communicate with and choose their preferred lawyer. LawOn gives users fast, bespoke, expert advice whenever and wherever they need it.”
The app will be launching later this year and will be free to download. Users can register their interest at to be kept updated about the app and notified when it is available. Solicitors interested in signing up should contact Ismaeel Waseem at for more information.