Taylor Vinters to move to the iManage Cloud – here’s why

Yes, document management is still very much dominating the headlines and this time its Taylor Vinters, which has confirmed to us that it is moving to the iManage Cloud.
The UK top 150 firm led by IT director Steve Sumner (pictured) has kept a watchful eye on iManage’s roadmap since the MBO that saw the its leadership team exit HP in mid-2015, as iManage made progress that Sumner describes as “all positive.”
Sumner tells us that the decision to move to the cloud followed iManage briefings and closely following developments under ‘White Rabbit’ culminating in the release of iManage Work 10.
Sumner says: “I was very happy with the architecture they put under it all,” and that the focus for the firm was “scalability, performance and security.”
While cloud technology is increasingly (and in something of a U-turn) being looked at because of its added security in a climate where cyber-attacks are dramatically on the increase, Sumner said: “Security isn’t a business strategy. If cloud fits, great, and for our firm if it ticks all the boxes great. But if it doesn’t, we don’t do it.”
The iManage Cloud ticks all the boxes and in terms of timeline, Taylor Vinters is currently on iManage 8.5 with 9.3 built and ready for testing. The firm, which has long had a full range of managed cloud services through Proact, has entered a new agreement with the leading European cloud vendor, on which iManage’s servers sit.
Sumner and his team will use the move to the iManage Cloud as a GDPR compliance exercise and he said: “Some of our old content we will, as part of GDPR, get rid of. We’ll effectively end up with live and current documents in one library in the cloud and then an archive library with the older stuff: then we’ll delete what’s agreed, so we’re optimising our data.”
In the new financial year, which is in May, Taylor Vinters plans to upgrade to iManage 10 and the cloud. Sumner said: “One of the reasons for wanting to move to the cloud are the instant updates, which will save time upgrading software on premises.”
He added: “This is a natural progression and fits with our cloud-first strategy. We’re looking forward to seeing what iManage is doing with RAVN – while that wasn’t relevant to this decision, it’s exciting to think about what might come out of it.”
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