Judicial analytics startup Gavelytics, which uses AI, secures $3.2 million in funding

Gavelytics, a judicial analytics company that uses artificial intelligence technology to help litigators quickly identify judges’ tendencies, today announces it has closed a $3.2 million funding round from prominent Southern California investors, including the backers of Legal Zoom, The Honest Company and Qualcomm. The funding round will aid the launch of new tools on the Gavelytics platform, accelerate the product’s geographic coverage and support team growth.
Investors in the latest funding round include: Brian Lee, the co-founder of Legal Zoom, Shoe Dazzle and The Honest Company; David Nazarian, an early investor of Qualcomm; Bruce Karatz, former chairman and CEO of KB Home; L.A. businessman Jarl Mohn; and Ken Solomon, chairman and CEO of the Tennis Channel and chairman of Ovation TV. The company has raised a total of $5.7 million since 2016.
Gavelytics’ AI-based technology highlights the vast differences between judges by tracking how each judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions, how quickly they move through their cases and how frequently lawyers file peremptory challenges against them. In September 2017, Gavelytics launched its coverage of Los Angeles County Superior Court, the largest and most active state, civil trial court system in the U.S.
“Based on my experience as a big firm lawyer and as the co-founder of LegalZoom, I recognized Gavelytics as a truly exciting business that solves a real problem faced by lawyers every day,” Lee said.
As the legal industry continues to be disrupted by changing business models in a hyper-competitive space, more law firms are looking to technology to add value for clients and increase their competitive edge. Gavelytics recently solidified relationships with regional powerhouses Glaser Weil and Irell & Manella, the latest partners on a growing list of prominent law firms that have embraced the technology.
Gavelytics’ AI-powered litigation data analysis algorithm parses tens of millions of state trial court data points so litigators can customize their litigation strategy to the judge, better manage client expectations, write better briefs, win more cases and prepare vastly improved pitches for business. Gavelytics’ proprietary Motion Analyzer details each judge’s propensity to rule for plaintiffs or defendants, historical probability of granting key motions like summary judgment, demurrers, and motions to compel discovery (all compared to the jurisdictional average), and much more.
“Litigators, law librarians and firm leaders are welcoming with open arms a judicial analytics technology that promotes law firm efficiency while delivering actionable data that drives litigation strategy and improves client outcomes,” said Rick Merrill, founder and CEO of Gavelytics. “We are excited to see such an enthusiastic response in the market. The financial support we have received from these investor heavyweights not only reflects the broader sea change happening in the legal sector, but it also validates Gavelytics’ unique position in the market. This level of insight regarding state trial court judges simply cannot be found anywhere else.”
About Gavelytics
Gavelytics provides actionable insights that help litigators win more motions, win more cases and win more business. With Gavelytics, learn: whether a judge is good or bad for your client; the rate at which other lawyers file peremptory challenges against a judge; how a judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions; if a judge is more likely to favor specific types of litigants; and how a judge’s workload might impact the speed at which litigation proceeds. All judges have certain tendencies. Gavelytics identifies them. For more information, please visit gavelytics.com.