AdvoLogix announce integration with XeBee to retrieve and manage medical records

AdvoLogix, a provider of cloud-based law practice and legal matter management solutions, today announced a new integration with XeBee Records, a medical records and other documents retrieval service.
XeBee’s integration with AdvoLogix, developed in a collaboration with CarsonWhitfield Consulting, offers legal professionals a convenient and secure system for obtaining and organizing a wide variety of medical records and documents. The integration improves the efficiency of ordering, tracking, gathering, filing, and organizing case materials which results in significant time and cost savings for each matter.
“The integration between XeBee and AdvoLogix is designed to create a seamless experience for the legal user,” said Kelly Whitfield, Principal of CarsonWhitfield Consulting. “Obtaining records is critical to case management, yet can be extremely time consuming to manage and track. By connecting XeBee and AdvoLogix, we created an end-to-end solution for submitting records requests from Advologix to XeBee with one click. Thereafter, order statuses, communication notes, records obtained and order fees all passively sync between the two.”
All retrieved medical records and documents are made searchable via OCR by XeBee prior to being imported into AdvoLogix as PDF files. This eliminates the need to scan and file documents and saves on unnecessary paper coming into or leaving the law firm.
In addition to medical records, the following materials can be requested via the XeBee integration with AdvoLogix:
● Itemized Billing Statements
● Radiology Imaging (on CD)
● Employment Records
● Workers Compensation Claim Files
● Social Security Claim Files
● Photographs
● Education Records
● Pharmacy Ledgers
● Insurance Claim Files
● Autopsy Reports
● Pathology Slides
● IRS Transcripts
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