Ediscovery News: DiscoverReady names Michael Jeffrey Glick to lead managed services

DiscoverReady®, an information intelligence solution provider specializing in legal, compliance and governance, announced today the appointment of Michael Jeffrey Glick as senior vice president of managed services.
Glick brings over 25 years of experience to DiscoverReady, including his unique managed services program providing corporations and law firms a customizable bundle of services with predictably priced gold standard tools and concierge-level support.
“DiscoverReady is a strong organization taking a leadership role in global eDiscovery services and information governance, and I’m excited to join during this time of innovation and growth,” says Glick. Glick’s work in managed services has focused on bringing consistency and predictability to eDiscovery by creating for clients a more rational, comprehensive and structured discovery process.
“The DiscoverReady team shares my belief that managed services represent the next stage in the evolution of eDiscovery, delivering the full suite of resources practitioners need, coupled with the budgetary certainty for making sound strategic decisions,” Glick adds. “Our program embraces the ebbs and flows of real litigation and mitigates the risks that have heretofore prevented widespread adoption. DiscoverReady is uniquely positioned for success because of the depth of its innovations, subject matter expertise and automation across the discovery process. When corporations and practitioners have access to the best tools, documented workflows and consistent support relationships, their transactional costs drop, productivity improves and departmental budgets stabilize.”
“We are excited to have Michael take the lead in building our Managed Discovery Services program, while contributing his thought leadership to our broader initiatives,” says company CEO James Schellhase. “His rich experience in managed services and governance make him a valuable addition to the leadership team at DiscoverReady.”
For more information, visit www.DiscoverReady.com