Former Google legal heads launch Privacy Compliance Hub

Two former heads of legal at Google have launched a Privacy Compliance Hub, which is designed to take organisations through their data obligations in a step-by-step fashion in order to keep compliance in the hands of the business, not outside consultants or lawyers.
Nigel Jones and Karima Noren – who once upon a time were director of legal EMEA and head of emerging markets respectively, but in the past few years have had a fairly entrepreneurial career path (latterly co-founding legal consultancy The Legal Pod) – created the Privacy Compliance Hub in January to help aid the process of data compliance and create a culture of privacy compliance within a business, inevitably using GDPR as a hook.
Using a team of ‘privacy champions’ appointed from within the organisation, a compliance programme is followed using a methodology and privacy plan which are supplied within the hub. This takes the privacy champions through what they need to do in a structured, step by step fashion, recording each step of the organisation’s compliance journey as they go along.
The hub provides straightforward guidance and over 30 template documents, which are linked to key steps of the plan.
In order to achieve a data protection compliance culture within the organisation, the leaders or those who would be in charge of data compliance within the company would have to meet a set of ‘privacy promises’ – promises that each member of the organisation have to each other.
The cost for the hub is an upfront free of £15,000, with a £2,000 annual fee for updates. Discounts are also available for smaller companies.
“Our vision is to create a simple, easy to use solution for companies to establish and maintain data protection compliance. We believe strongly that companies themselves and not outside consultants or lawyers are best placed to achieve that compliance. Nobody knows a company’s business and the data it processes more than the people that work within it,” said Jones.
Clients are said to already include Channel 4, Freightliner and GoCardless.
The Privacy Compliance Hub enters an already busy space, and aside from any others will compete with two existing Compliance Hubs, one of which is PWC’s. However, we like its spoon-fed methodology – it really does take users step by step through the process. Let us know if you have any experience of using it.