Texas law firm RPSA upgrades to iManage Work 10

Texas law firm Rosenthal Pauerstein Sandoloski Agather LLP (RPSA) has rolled out iManage Work 10, deployed in the iManage cloud, for their document and email management.
A long term iManage client, at the heart of the selection is said to be the iManage Work 10 interface, which allows professionals to easily work from any device — desktops, phones and tablets. iManage Work 10 also introduces features like smart worklists, smart previews and document timelines, which provide valuable insights into the progress of key documents and projects. Personalized search, powered by RAVN Systems technology, makes search powerful and intuitive, eliminating complex search forms and keywords.
“Our busy attorneys don’t have time to dig through a complicated file structure to find documents they need,” said Tim Martin, IT Manager, RPSA. “Many of our lawyers work remotely and need to find their legal documents quickly. With iManage Work 10’s simple interface, they can just type what they’re looking for into the search box and pull it up instantly. We’ve seen a huge uptick in user adoption because of how profoundly easy it is to find documents now.”
iManage partner Carm Consulting assisted RPSA with the move to iManage Work 10. Since going live, the firm has rolled out iManage Work 10 to the firm’s entire support staff and lawyers.
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