Latest on Legal IT Newswire: AdvoLogix improves conflicts checking process for law firms

AdvoLogix, a provider of cloud-based law practice and legal matter management solutions, today announced new enhancements to the product that will significantly improve the conflicts checking process, saving law firms and legal departments significant time during new client and new matter intake. The new conflicts checking feature allows conflict searches and their results to be “memorized” by the platform and maintained within the context of the matter or potential matter. Potential conflicts are itemized, and the underlying conflict source, status and related commentary are maintained as part of the matter record in AdvoLogix.
The latest AdvoLogix release also includes a rich new set of date calculation business rules. This new capability allows workflow automation to more intelligently schedule activity dates by preventing activity assignments on non-business days. Organizations have the option to use a single business calendar or create multiple unique business calendars. Business calendar selection can be automatically determined on a matter by matter basis by virtue of the court or business division to which the matter is assigned.
“We are pleased to be able to offer new and existing clients bold new features that will increase our users’ productivity, allow for faster matter intake and automate processes,” said Steve Stockstill, AdvoLogix’s Vice President of Product Development. “AdvoLogix uses our clients’ requests for improvements to help prioritize our new releases. Many of the improvements we released today come from the feedback from our clients and will help increase productivity and efficiency.”
Today’s release also included features to better manage matter participant records, improve timekeeping, perform advanced date calculations for scheduling, and integrate with XeBee to obtain medical records and documents.
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