Latest Legal IT Event: LINK App Webinar with Mobile Helix: Manage your work from your inbox on your iPhone – 9 April

With LINK’s unique integration of Outlook email and DMS, both iManage and NetDocuments, in a single app, your LINK Inbox becomes the focal point for getting work done.
After a brief introduction, this 30-minute webinar will focus on a demo of these Inbox workflows:
• File an attachment to DMS or Outlook folders
• View redlines in an attachment, then view the document with redlines accepted
• Compare an attachment to a document in DMS, view redlines
• Edit or annotate a document from an attachment to email
• Email a document which is in DMS
• Intelligent filing – LINK learns your filing habits and recommends a folder
• Rapid filing of multiple emails
• Send-and-file to DMS
• Search, sort, filter your Inbox
• User-configurable swipe menus to file, delete, flag, unread, forward, reply
Join us to see these workflows. If you are curious about a specific feature, but don’t see it here, please email us as below.
LINK is a secure container app which can be remotely wiped. Data is encrypted at-rest and in-transit. LINK includes built-in biometric (or PIN code) 2F for quick, secure authentication.
For additional information, contact Maureen Blando at Mobile Helix: