Ediscovery News: DiscoverReady introduce Managed Discovery Services

DiscoverReady, an information intelligence solution provider specializing in legal, compliance and governance, announced today the launch of DiscoverReady Integrity, a new managed discovery service delivering a flat-fee, fully managed global discovery ecosystem designed to provide comprehensive discovery services and results on a predictable cost model.
Michael Jeffrey Glick, an attorney and eDiscovery industry leader, joined DiscoverReady to develop the managed discovery services offering. “Our program smooths out the spikiness of real litigation and mitigates the risks that have traditionally limited transparency and control in eDiscovery,” he says. “Our innovative enhancements on the Relativity platform and expertise across the entire discovery process allow our managed services teams to delight organizations with administrative control, improved productivity, quantifiable savings and stable, predictable budgets.”
Plans are individually customized for every client to assure each plan fits each one’s particular needs. DiscoverReady MDS rests on several key people, process and technology elements:
“Supercharged” Relativity Platform
DiscoverReady includes numerous proprietary enhancements in its Relativity platform. This enhanced Relativity ecosystem provides greater efficiency through the use of analytics, early case assessment, identification and handling of sensitive data and the automation of many effective processes to streamline and prioritize relevancy. A comprehensive dashboard offers counsel and corporate clients timely details on the status of case data, the progress of eDiscovery review and real-time monitoring of their discovery spend.
Secure Hosting Centers
DiscoverReady IntegrityTM is built on a state-of-the-art ecosystem, assuring 24/7 security and accessibility. Global data centers are ISO 27001, SSAE 16 SOC2, ITAR and PCI-DSS Certified and HIPAA compliant, fully satisfying security inspections from Fortune 50 corporations, financial institutions and law firms.
Concierge-Level Support
The managed services partnership is successful, in large part, due to the concierge-style services of an experienced executive program manager. The EPM assures compliance and consistency with client specifications, workflows and preferences. The EPM works with law firms and corporate organizations to document workflows, processing specifications, database views, escalation procedures, contacts and other important attributes through a customized playbook. Playbooks enable dispersed teams to utilize the discovery ecosystem skillfully and efficiently, assure efficient onboarding and training and contribute to effective management, defensibility and successful discovery outcomes.
For more information, visit www.DiscoverReady.com.