In brief: Fasken adopts Kira

Top Canadian firm Fasken has adopted Kira Systems’ software to assist on a variety of projects including due diligence and analysis of clients’ contractual obligations. Kira has more than 430 built-in models to identify common contract provisions and will be learning additional models specific to Fasken: once provisions are identified, they will automatically be extracted into a summary chart, allowing Fasken lawyers to compare information across documents.
“We are continually reviewing how we provide legal services to meet the expectations of our clients, ” said Peter Feldberg, Fasken’s managing partner. “Through proven technology like Kira, we can offer more efficient contract review.”
“Engaging Kira provides a second set of eyes on documents,  reducing risk and increasing accuracy despite short timelines,” said Robert Garmaise, chief innovation officer. “The highest standards of information security are met, from storage to sharing and deleting data.”
Fasken is distinguishing itself in some areas as a first mover in technology: in February it joined as one of the founding members of the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium: a not for profit group positioned to lead standards and governance for the adoption of blockchain technology in the legal industry.