DocsCorp GDPR Webinar – 26 April: OCR – Your secret weapon for GDPR compliance

How confident are you that in the case of a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR), you will be able to search and find every single document that contains personal information relating to that individual?
EG: What about that scanned copy of their passport or other identification documents you have on file? These documents are essentially image files with no text on the page to search but hold their name, date of birth, the city they were born in, etc. Are you still as confident?
Join us for this express webinar, where we demonstrate how contentCrawler from DocsCorp ensures comprehensive data discoverability by working to uncover documents that are not indexed for searching and would otherwise not be found.
OCR’ing is a key tool in making sure that all words in every document (even image documents) are fully text searchable. contentCrawler is an essential component for all firms to ensure they comply with the new GDPR legislation.
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