Cybersecurity: Soon-to-launch Crypviser instant messaging app to offer blockchain security

Earlier this week the French government announced it was to develop its own secure messaging app because it was concerned about the integrity of the Telegram and WhatsApp platforms. The issue with both of them is they ultimately rely upon central servers that could be compromised by hackers (whether criminal or government agencies) or via court orders. To address this issue Dusseldorf-based Crypviser has developed what it claims is the world’s most secure messaging platform that no government can block, stop or spy on because all verification is based on blockchain technology. This could be a platform that will appeal to a lot of law firms concerned about maintaining the confidentiality of their communications.
The app will be available for iOS in a couple of weeks and on Android about a week later. Pending launch, here is a statement from Crypviser plus a white paper…
Of all the Instant Messaging Apps, Crypviser is the most secure, complete with a Cryptocurrency wallet integrated within the App.
Your Messages, Videos, Photos, Data, etc will reach their destination unfiltered, and most importantly UNBLOCKED!
The First Instant Communication App to Integrate Blockchain Technology and Decentralisation, to ensure Privacy and Anonymity.
Our platform is decentralised through blockchain technology. Attacks on your sensitive data are impossible because crucial encryption keys are distributed among thousands of computers. There is no single server that could be hacked or blocked by Governments. It is Unblockable!
One of our core beliefs is, that “only you should decide which information is to be made public and which isn’t.” Crypviser is the only secure communication network which doesn’t require your phone number or perform SMS verification. We don’t even ask for your name!
Our security protocol developed on genuine end-to-end encryption and blockchain based authentication algorithms, exceeds todays
requirements against all kinds of threats. To put it in simple words: We haven’t found any solution on the market that offers an equal level of professional protection.
The Crypviser Network is an all-in-one solution, featuring not only instant messaging, voice and video calls, but also a secure crypto wallet, local protection features and more. User can access the network through user-friendly Crypviser Apps:
– Full HD Video Calls
– Stay in touch with all your contacts using unlimited confidential voice and video calls .
– File sharing, Share as many files, photos or videos as you want, without size restrictions.
– Instant Messaging, Send encrypted and secure text messages.
– Crypto Wallet, Anonymous money transfers and secure fund management.
– Security Settings, Discover a rich set of local security features. Hide chat, Block Chat, Self Destructing Messages form 5sec to 48 Hours and more.
– Unlike the other Communication Apps, Crypviser has NO Information of it’s users.
– Unlike the other Communication Apps, Crypviser has No Information to SELL on it’s users.