Legal IT Newswire: Gavelytics expands judicial analytics technology to San Francisco legal market

On the heels of launching its groundbreaking judicial analytics platform in Los Angeles County, Gavelytics today announces that its proprietary database now extends into San Francisco County Superior Court, the legal epicenter of one of the most significant business and technology markets in the world.
Gavelytics’ unique, artificial-intelligence-powered technology provides actionable data regarding judges’ individual behaviors and tendencies, empowering litigators to: keep their clients better apprised of potential motion and case outcomes; write briefs customized to specific judges; adjust settlement posture based on anticipated rulings; and develop new business by showcasing unique expertise and foresight. The technology also helps guide litigators to make the critical decision whether to disqualify a judge at the outset of litigation pursuant to CCP §170.6, often a decisive factor in California lawsuit outcomes.
“Gone are the days when litigators were forced to simply guess whether a judge was good or bad for their client, or email colleagues for meager insights about the judge,” said Gavelytics founder and CEO Rick Merrill, a former Big Law litigator. “San Francisco litigators now join their L.A. counterparts in adding a powerful tool to their litigation toolbox. Judicial analytics is helping California litigators make better decisions, win more motions and achieve positive outcomes for their clients.”
As an illustration of the valuable, comparative insights Gavelytics offers to litigators, Merrill highlights the fact that, of the two complex litigation judges in San Francisco County, one is dramatically more defense-friendly at bench trial. However, the other judge is more likely to grant summary judgment. No other tool on the market offers this type of county-level information on judges.
Gavelytics has identified which San Francisco judges are most likely to grant motions to compel discovery (along with another 100+ types of motions), enabling the modern litigator to aggressively steer discovery practice to benefit her client. Gavelytics also pinpoints which San Francisco judges receive the most CCP §170.6 peremptory challenges, broken down by filing party and case type, helping litigators learn and understand what local practitioners typically do when first assigned that judge in similar cases. These are the types of significant data points that help attorneys conduct efficient motion practice and develop litigation strategies custom-tailored to the judge.
In March, the Los Angeles-based legal tech startup announced it closed a second seed round of funding totaling $3.2 million. Prominent investors include Brian Lee, the co-founder of Legal Zoom, Shoe Dazzle and The Honest Company, and Bruce Karatz, former chairman and CEO of KB Home. The company has raised a total of $5.7 million since 2016.
About Gavelytics
Gavelytics provides actionable insights that help litigators win more motions, win more cases and win more business. With Gavelytics, you can learn: whether a judge is good or bad for your client; the rate at which other lawyers file peremptory challenges against a judge; how a judge tends to rule on over 100 types of motions; if a judge is more likely to favor specific types of litigants; and how a judge’s workload might impact the speed at which litigation proceeds. All judges have certain tendencies. Gavelytics identifies them. For more information, please visit