Legal IT Newswire reports… Ius Laboris’ international network of law firms innovating with HighQ

Ius Laboris, a leading international HR law Alliance, has adopted HighQ’s technology to enhance the value-adding services its member firms around the world provide to their clients. Ius Laboris is leveraging HighQ’s Publisher to further strengthen its content management and digital knowledge products throughout its international network.
Ius Laboris is recognized as one of the leading international practices in the field of labor, employment and pension law, maintaining national expertise with a consistent global approach through innovation and technology. Most recently, The Lawyer shortlisted the company for Global Network of the Year in its European Awards 2017, while Financial Times recently commended Ius Laboris as one of the most innovative law firms in the world. Ius Laboris’ network includes more than 1,400 lawyers who serve clients in 53 countries, including all major economic centres.
“Ius Laboris has taken the next step forwards in providing digital services, products and knowledge by choosing HighQ Publisher,” said Sebastiaan Bos, HighQ’s Director of Solutions EMEA. “We are privileged to welcome them as a client of HighQ and excited to help them further continue to be an industry leader in providing innovative employment law support through its network of law firms.
“After expanding the practice in the first 15 years of its existence, our focus over the last year has been on consolidation and further increase of the network’s value to its members and their clients. Unlocking our legal content across 50+ jurisdictions with Publisher is a significant step for members, clients and the Alliance as a whole,“ said Arnd de Wit, Head of Marketing and Business Development for Ius Laboris