Legal IT Newswire… DocSolid launch Postmark 2.0 at CLOC Las Vegas

DocSolid, a provider of enterprise scanning, workflow and paper reduction solutions for the legal market, just announced the launch of Postmark 2.0 at CLOC US Institute at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas. Postmark 2.0 is DocSolid’s next generation Paper2Digital platform to improve the efficiency, security and information governance of a law practice through patented, enterprise technology that powers ‘less-paper’ strategies. DocSolid is exhibiting at booth #144 through April 25th and company CEO, Steve Irons, will demonstrate “The Paper2Digital Law Practice” at 3:30 pm today in Session Room 3.
The Postmark 2.0 release rebrands the industry-dominant enterprise scanning solution KwikTag Legal as Postmark Scan and signals the company’s market penetration into corporate legal departments. DocSolid technology is already the solution of choice for half of the top 10 largest US law firms as well as the law departments at some of the nation’s largest insurance providers, enabling legal operations professionals to:
• Eliminate the burden of paper records
• Increase productivity
• Reduce the hard costs for on-site and off-site records storage
• Improve information governance, reduce risk, enable compliance and audits
• Optimize the adoption of the electronic document management system (DMS)
Law departments require efficient, secure and cost-effective handling of their matters—and paper records are an inhibitor to each of these. Advanced law departments are meeting operational, security and budgetary demands by improving the legal service request (LSR) process and driving adoption of DMS solutions.
Postmark patented solutions seamlessly integrate paper capture, printing process and quality controls with a law department DMS, including iManage, OpenText eDOCS and NetDocuments, so that all matters can be 100% digital, yet still allow attorneys to work with paper as desired. The Postmark platform includes:
• Postmark Scan is an integrated scanning platform which embeds imaging capture within existing document management software, and uses any office scanning device without added hardware or software. Manage inbound paper from the first point of entry, through a scanning and profiling process with built-in quality control checks to enable confident shredding.
Postmark Print embeds a small bar code in a corner of printouts, denoting that a corresponding electronic copy is filed in the DMS. After the paper document is used, it can be shredded confidently. Postmark Print also auto-files scanned attorney’s notes back to the DMS.
• Postmark Quality Control (QC) software enables confident shredding of DMS-captured documents with best-practice workflows. Track and audit paper each paper document for shredding or retention with consistency and confidence.
• Postmark Mobile uses mobile phones to connect paper to digital workflows. Attorneys and staff working with paper documents can read the Postmark bar code on the paper with their mobile phone, then retrieve the corresponding electronic document, or check and update the status of any in-hand paper document.
Steve Irons, CEO of DocSolid, comments: “Today’s business imperatives for efficient legal work and secure information governance make the adoption of digital behaviors an absolute necessity for law departments. DocSolid customers meet these imperatives through best practice Paper2Digital solutions, yet still allow attorneys to work with paper for convenience. Our customers are continually advancing their legal operations without the constraints of paper documents.”