Webinar – Get to know LawDrill Inquiry & Analytics Suite – 26 April

Please join us for a 45-minute webinar to learn more about the LawDrill Inquiry & Analytics Suite that provides attorneys with self-service access and insight into Aderant Expert data to aide in the decision-making process. Being led by Jose Hernandez, LawDrill Product Manager, this webinar will demonstrate the following features:
Self-service access to LawDrill reporting tools so attorneys can quickly and easily visualize key insights about clients, matters, groups that they manage, or themselves as working, billing, or responsible attorneys
Makes use of security already setup in Aderant
Highly granular data inquiry, with access dependent upon advanced security rules
User-friendly interface that most people can use with little to no training
Rich metrics, supported by an extensible data warehouse
BillDrill functionality that allows access to invoices generated in Aderant Expert as a PDF or shared through e-mail
ExecDrill functionality that provides firm leadership with the ability to access, analyze, and visualize law firm data through highly consumable reports and dashboards
The webinar takes place on Thursday, April 26th at 12:00 pm ET and is best suited for anyone using Aderant as their practice management system.