Legal IT Newswire deals news… Blueshift IP law firm automates workflows with ANAQUA software

US law firm Blueshift IP: Software Patent Experts has chosen the ANAQUA platform to help streamline its operations and bring increased efficiencies to the firm.
Blueshift IP, which specializes in obtaining software patents for its clients worldwide, will use the ANAQUA software for paperless management of IP documents and to further enhance collaboration with clients. The practice, which is based in Cambridge, MA and has a distributed team throughout the U.S., has selected ANAQUA to bring all of its clients’ patent portfolios onto a single platform, which will save the firm both time and costs, and enable it to better serve its clients.
Before selecting Anaqua’s IP management solution, Blueshift IP attorneys faced limitations in automating workflows and were bogged down by old docketing software for which there were never any updates or service enhancements.
“Selecting Anaqua was a ‘no-brainer’ for us,” said Blueshift IP co-founder Robert Plotkin. “The entire Anaqua team was very responsive to our inquiries and the software is modern, powerful, and user friendly. We were immediately impressed with the advancements and improved collaboration the platform enabled, and were delighted that its workflows could be easily customized.”
Having Anaqua’s cloud-based platform, rather than a manually-installed system will be an additional advantage for Blueshift IP as their growing team can work from any location and device, while sharing the same documents.
“Anaqua will help Blueshift IP’s entire practice run more effectively, efficiently and profitably,” said Bob Romeo, CEO of Anaqua. “ANAQUA was the first IP management system to offer law firms web-based collaboration, and we continue to lead the market in this space.”