David Lumsden leaves RAVN/iManage in pursuit of larger role

Many will say that the only surprise is that he was there this long, but David Lumsden is leaving RAVN Systems following its acquisition by iManage in May 2017, as he looks for a more influential role in an entrepreneurial company.
Lumsden joined RAVN as chief strategy officer in mid-2016 but in January 2017, we broke the news that the former CEO of Tikit had effectively swapped roles with RAVN co-founder and CEO Peter Wallqvist.
Following the iManage acquisition he took on the role of VP of operations, responsible for helping the two companies to merge.
Speaking to Legal IT Insider, Lumsden said: “The truth is that I would like to hold a more influential role in an entrepreneurial company similar to the role I held at RAVN prior to the iManage acquisition.”
Lumsden is on three months gardening leave, so will be officially off the jobs market until July. Stocks in Sauvignon Blanc went up on the news.
Geoff Hornsby, general manager EMEA, said: “David was at RAVN originally and part of that team. What he did was to help us in the first year in an operational role and he’s done a good job.
“His skills have helped us to get where we needed to be, and he now wants to move into a more people focussed role. It’s completely amicable and we’re grateful to him.”
It nonetheless raises questions over whether iManage has given senior RAVN employees enough status in the combined company.