Legal IT Newswire Vendor News: Concert Networks and Proclaim partnership makes it easier for lawyers to track billable hours

Concert Networks, a provider of Cloud Communications to the Legal Sector, have completed the integration of their system with Proclaim case management software. The powerful integration enables firms to automate the recording of billable time within case records. Firms can now dial out directly from within the case management software, driving efficiencies.
The integration also enables Proclaim case management software to recognise an incoming telephone number and present the corresponding case file before the call is answered, improving communications and enhancing client experience. Key benefits to law firms include process efficiencies, enabling them to keep more accurate case records and ultimately provide a better client experience.
Concert Networks have integrated their VoIP Telephony service with Proclaim case management software. The integration provides law firms with substantial process efficiencies and will better the experience firms provide to clients. As well as improved client experience, the integration focuses on telephony billing by recording chargeable interactions automatically within the case management software; meaning an end to missed billable time.
Concert have been supporting law firms with their communications for over 5 years and as such have extensive experience in helping firms to maximise efficiencies and improve client satisfaction through the use of technology.