Legal IT Newswire… Prosperoware announce next generation CAM platform for managing Cloud content

Prosperoware, a leading enterprise software company delivering innovative technology transforming the business of legal and professional services, today introduces availability of the next generation platform, CAM, for managing all cloud content systems. The first two modules of the CAM platform include CAM Provisioning and CAM ContentMirror for iManage, NetDocuments, Microsoft Office 365 Groups, and Kira Systems.

Increasingly, firms and legal departments are leveraging the benefits of moving to cloud (hosted) solutions for various aspects of their operations. Further, IT teams that have relied on SQL to manage, integrate and report on-premises systems lose that in the cloud. For cloud systems used on a limited set of matters, client-matter metadata is rarely applied—and matters without trackable metadata are a challenge to manage, govern, secure and chargeback.

These large challenges are solved with the introduction of the next generation CAM platform. CAM is a SaaS offering built on Amazon’s AWS platform, the leading platform with the highest security certification required for SaaS applications in today’s market.

CAM will enable complete matter lifecycle management of content in the cloud, from initial provisioning through ultimate disposition, plus security, cost allocation, DR, and business continuity. Today, CAM modules CAM Provisioning and CAM ContentMirror vastly improve how law firms can manage critical client content.

Firms need a full content inventory across all systems, and a simple way to secure and manage it consistently. Now, firms can leverage CAM Provisioning to:

• Display a unified directory and control across all systems in the firm, including of all matters and engagements and which cloud providers hold documents and client data.
• Define profile metadata to track, and matters can be located via intuitive, full-text search
• Uses rules-based, practice area-driven workspace naming conventions and creates multi-level folder structures in systems that support it. Metadata and security can be pre-defined in templates to limit access to subsets or supersets of users on a matter.
• Automate provisioning from time & billing, matter or practice management, HRIS, or any system of record
• Leverage workspace or matter creation (e.g. legal service request) via configurable forms with integrated workflow and metadata, and templates in the DMS.
• Enable the creation of ad hoc workspace or matters in other systems besides the firm’s DMS.

CAM ContentMirror is a live cloud copy of a firm’s cloud content to enable business continuity and help firms mitigate risk and protect client content via a second, synchronized copy of their content—with metadata.

Company CEO, Keith Lipman, says, “We are excited to bring to market a new platform to enable firms to manage their content in the cloud. Our vision for CAM will enable firms and legal departments to deliver better client-value through operational efficiency and standardizing collaboration.”

CAM Provisioning will be available for early adopters in late-May with general availability in late-July. CAM ContentMirror will be ready for early adopter in late-June and general availability in late-August.