Legal IT Newswire… Fasken transitions to HighQ for collaborative software needs

HighQ is pleased to announce a new client relationship with Fasken, a leading international law firm with 10 offices on four continents. Fasken is known for its commitment to not only offering new ideas but delivering on them by embracing technologies that build expertise, improve processes and deliver incredible value to clients.
Recognized by Chambers USA for being home to a “well-established technology practice valued for its extensive knowledge of both mature and emerging company IT concerns,” Fasken is also known for practicing what it preaches by leveraging technology to create a secure and collaborative environment for its attorneys to work with clients around the globe.
“We were excited to partner with Fasken for the fact that the firm shares our excitement for what technology can do for clients,” said Bob Butler, HighQ vice president for sales in North America. “The firm is well ahead of the curve in terms of identifying ways that new technologies can improve their business operations and, at the same time, solve legal and operational challenges faced by their clients.”
Fasken’s leadership team makes a priority of constantly evaluating new technologies to integrate into the firm’s operations and elected to transition to HighQ’s platform from a previous legal technology software provider after realizing the full potential of Collaborate.
Fasken created the Chief Innovation Officer role specifically to bring innovation and cost effectiveness to the way they deliver services to their clients, and Robert Garmaise, who was selected to fill that role, praised HighQ’s ability to addresses multiple needs that will improve business outcomes for the firm and its clients.
“What we previously utilized would not be described as a collaboration portal – it was more of a data room – and HighQ offers much more,” he added. “The HighQ platform more holistically changes the client experience in areas relating to sharing documents, automating transactions, collaborating on projects and the list goes on.”
“While our firm is recognized for being a leader in terms of embracing new technology, we pick our spots very carefully based on where our business can gain and where our clients can gain the most, and HighQ is certainly one of our top picks,” Garmaise said. “We see HighQ’s utility stretching across a lot of areas but its ability to take our business online in a secure manner and further enhance our client experience and collaboration are among its greatest strengths.”