Aderant release Handshake Connect ‘out of the box’ portal

Aderant will later today (12 June) formally announce the release of Handshake Connect, an ‘out-of-the-box’ legal intranet portal that it says provides fast and easy deployment, with minimal customization required.
Using the latest web development technology, Handshake Connect modularizes the knowledge management solution, effectively giving clients an a la carte selection, making it more flexible for small to mid-sized firms that don’t need to customize the portal as much as a larger firm might.
“Handshake Connect is the perfect KM solution for any size firm,” said Glenn LaForce, vice president of knowledge management at Aderant. “The efficiency of an out-of-the-box product, along with being able to use as many or as few of the features as you want, makes Handshake Connect a full plug-and-play legal intranet.”
Comment: It is not clear how this differs from Handshake’s existing offering – which includes out of the box ‘up and running in hours’ portals. We’ll do some digging.